Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

I love the heat level in this slow cooker tikka masala to fend off winter chill. If the spice kick is too much for you, you can cut the garam masala down by half without losing any of the dynamic flavor layers

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About Me

David A Brown

I am sometimes an very impulsive person, who trades first and then thinks. A person who is so sensitive that the thought easily falls away. But there is a calm when I cook; It makes me focus on something vital and keeps me on the ground.

Home made Korma Paste

Dont buy in the store make it your self and choose the spicyness

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Chicken Korma

A mix of spices and yoghurt give this chicken curry its mouth-watering creaminess

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Salomon fish fingers

Something as humble as a fish finger can be made even more healthy if you make your own.

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